Various Career Paths You Can Take with Community Services Worker Training

community services worker training
Students who pursue community services worker (CSW) training have the main goal of making a positive impact on the lives of others. Working for various centres, services, and programs in the community, CSWs assess clients’ needs so that they can assist them in developing daily life skills. They work with clients from all types of backgrounds to offer them counselling and support, and they also serve as a link to many other resources available in the community that could help them reach their goals.

If helping people change their lives is what motivates you, CSW training can open doors to several career paths that might be a great fit. Canadian community organizations have extended the range of their services in recent years, so trained Community Services Workers are in high demand in several areas. The following careers involve providing direct services to clients to improve social conditions – see which one might suit your skills and interests.

Community Services Worker Training Can Lead to a Career as an Addictions Worker

Some addictions counselling takes place in a group setting

Some addictions counselling takes place in a group setting

Community organizations have become better equipped to help individuals with addictions over the years, making addictions work a popular career path for graduates of healthcare colleges. Addictions workers are typically employed by community service agencies, inpatient or outpatient treatment facilities, and local clinics. They help people who are struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling addiction, and more. As an addictions worker, you would provide intake, one-on-one counselling, and group therapy services to clients as well as sometimes working with their families and close friends.

Within the community, addictions workers also develop outreach programs and prevention initiatives designed to educate people on the powerful effects addictions can have. They raise awareness in schools, community centres, and group homes to let individuals know what resources are available if they or their loved ones need support in overcoming an addiction.

Working as a Youth Outreach Worker After Community Services Worker Training

Youth outreach workers help young people in the community who are going through a difficult period in their lives. They act as a link between community service agencies that offer a variety of services, and those who are in need, spending most of their time in the field providing support and resources to teens who have run away from home, are homeless, or are at risk of becoming homeless. This role typically involves helping at-risk teens locate food and shelter. You may even be able to help some clients find meaningful employment.

Since most clients you would come in contact with in this role are in deep distress, this could be a great career option for you if you have a highly compassionate, calm, and responsible attitude.

Working as an Employment Counsellor After Community Services Worker Training

Working as an employment counsellor will give you the opportunity to help clients overcome barriers that are standing between them and their career goals. The process of finding meaningful work is different for everyone depending on age, background and several other factors, so in this role you’ll get to meet and learn about the challenges faced by all kinds of individuals.

As an employment counsellor, you would use the interviewing skills that you’ll develop while earning your community services worker diploma to determine your clients’ work experience, and to focus on the skills and strengths that they have. Clients may be looking for temporary work, to further their careers, or to change career paths completely, so your main job would be to help them weigh their options and find out where they’d make a valuable addition to the workforce.

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