Top Emerging Technologies in the Business, Healthcare and Technology Industry

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It’s clear that in recent years, advances in technology have changed the way people do business across all industries. Workers in the healthcare, business, and IT fields now have access to a world of information right at their fingertips thanks to the internet, and the more companies become “wired”, the faster and easier it is to communicate, perform job duties and do business globally.

There are several emerging technologies that will simplify job duties, and make it easier than ever for professionals to connect with one another. Whether you’re planning to pursue a career in business, healthcare, or technology, let’s take a look at a few technologies that will affect your future workplace.

Working with 3D Printers After Earning a Medical Administration Diploma

3D printers are becoming more popular for use in medical offices

3D printers are becoming more popular for use in medical offices

In recent years, 3D printers have found their way into the mainstream and are becoming more available for use in different types of medical offices. Dentists, for example, are able to quickly produce bridges, crowns, stone models, and a range of other items with 3D printers. Physicians are now able to use 3D printers to produce 3D models of patient organs, along with many other uses.

If you’re planning to pursue a medical administration diploma, there’s a chance that you may end up working in a medical office that uses a 3D printer. Not to worry though, you likely won’t be expected to operate one of these machines. Your job description may include scheduling maintenance checks, and documenting and filing the digital designs that the medical professionals on your team use the printer for.

Business College Graduates can Expect to see More Wireless Conference Rooms

Most companies have common meeting places where staff can get together to discuss progress and strategies. If you’re planning to earn a business administration diploma, some of your job duties in the conference room might involve connecting the equipment to prepare for a phone or video conference call, printing and distributing literature, and taking notes during meetings. However, as businesses become more connected through the internet, companies will be able to stream digital and audio data much more easily through wireless connections and devices.

As meeting rooms move more into the wireless era through collaborative software, it could simplify administration while expanding productivity. Admins won’t have as much conference room prep to do since there will be less wires, and data will be available to all participants with the push of a button. There will be more opportunity for collaborating and managing resources remotely, using emerging strategies like cloud computing, crowdsourcing and teleworking. Increasingly, there are jobs available for business college grads that enable flexible working arrangements, including working from home.

IT School Grads will Have More Employment Opportunities with Big Data Companies

Big data companies have massive servers to support the IT needs of several companies at once

Big data companies have massive servers to support the IT needs of several companies at once

Nowadays, companies of all sizes need a secure network in order for office computers to run software simultaneously, and to be able to transmit and store important data. Big data companies are emerging as a popular alternative to keeping large network hardware in-house. They have massive server farms, with IT professionals working around the clock to ensure security.

If you are interested in IT training to become a network professional, this is good news. Besides having the opportunity to work setting up and maintaining networks for companies in-house, you’ll also qualify to work for a big data company where you may handle several accounts.

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