Network Engineering Training

Is Network Engineering College Right for You? 3 Qualities to Have!

If you love computers and have a knack for problem solving, network engineering could be the perfect career choice for you. With most offices relying on computer networks to maintain… Read More

3 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Pursue IT at Computek College in Toronto

In an uncertain employment climate, it makes sense to go with what people can’t do without, and in today’s society that would certainly include computer technology. Job postings in Canada… Read More

Network Engineering 101: An IT School Student’s Guide to Routers

Information technology (IT) professionals know that in order to understand the role of a router, it’s important to first learn that of a modem. While most people believe that internet… Read More

Discover if Network Engineering Training is Right for You

The primary function of a network engineer is to build and maintain a business’ infrastructure of computers, but they do much more than that. In addition to linking computers in… Read More

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