Pursuing Your Community Service Worker Diploma? 3 Things You Should Know About Community Development

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If you’re planning to pursue Community Service Worker training, you’ll soon acquire the practical knowledge and skills you will need to land a rewarding position working with members of your community. Individuals in need of help often don’t realize that there are professionals in their own community who are willing to lend a hand. Once you complete your program, you’ll work to fill the gap between individuals in need, and the support and resources that can help them. In helping members of a community to improve their quality of life, both you and the individuals you’ll help will contribute to the development of that community.

If you are passionate about helping others to make positive changes in their lives, then landing a community development role such as community service worker (CSW), or outreach worker could be right for you. Read on to learn more about community development.

Community Service Worker Grads Assess Communities Before Implementing Development Initiatives

Experts know that it’s important to develop a strong understanding of the issues in a particular community before any development initiatives can be designed and put into action. There are various issues that a community can be facing which can directly affect the people within that community, some of these include:

  • poverty or lack of jobs
  • substance abuse
  • high dropout rates
  • violence and crime
  • homelessness

Once you perform research to obtain a clear picture of the issues in a particular community, you can start taking steps towards addressing such issues. The assessment phase will be an important part your role once you’ve earned your community service worker diploma because it will help you plan initiatives and choose the specific resources that will contribute the most to community development.

Community Service Worker Grads Know the Importance of Project-Based Work

A lot of the community development work you’ll do with a community service diploma is project-based because there are several ways to address community issues. When projects you’ll take part in are active, you’ll be required to supervise them in order to measure their impact. This will provide you with valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t—and you can apply these insights to future projects.

One exciting aspect of working in community development is that the nature of your daily tasks will change on a regular basis. If, for example, you work in a community with a high rate of drug abuse, there are several initiatives that you can design and implement to address the problem. For instance, organizing a support group for people with addictions can provide an excellent resource to those in need, while an outreach program that educates teens in local high schools about the real dangers of drug use can act as a powerful preventative measure.

Organizing a support group is a project that can be rewarding for entire groups of people

Organizing a support group is a project that can be rewarding for entire groups of people

Pros with Community Service Worker Training Should Maintain Valuable Work Relationships

Offering as many resources as possible to those in need is an important part of community development. As a CSW, you’ll sometimes need to reach out to local businesses and organizations and build a network that will contribute to a brighter future for your community. For instance, if you’re interested in organizing a job fair for several clients, you could contact a few local businesses who are hiring to attend your fair. You might also seek several job recruiters who might volunteer to give one-on-one coaching on what employers are looking for.

Community development involves working with branches of the government, schools, treatment centers, hospitals, and much more. These businesses and organizations will also be able to provide funding and sponsorships for projects and events, and refer clients to you who are in need of the services you’ll offer once you start your career.

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