Job Interview Tips for Business College Grads

Job Interview Tips for Business College Grads

With confidence, motivation, and the right training program, it’s easy to attract the attention of today’s business employers. But taking the leap into a secure and rewarding job can be a challenge for those who dread a certain part of the employment process: the interview.

Even some of the most capable graduates may find job interviews to be one hurtle that they’re not quite comfortable with overcoming. If you’re looking to launch or upgrade your own business training, it’s wise to prepare yourself for the interviews you’ll encounter along your exciting new career path.

Here are our top tips to help you ace the job interviews you earn following business school.

1. Put Your Business School Research Skills to Use

Think of your job interview as your first business meeting with your boss. It deserves as much preparation and forethought as any other important business meeting. It’s essential to research as much as you can about the business at hand before you take your place in the interview room.

By researching the employer’s online presence, you can get a strong idea of what the company does, and how your own skills fit that profile. This tells your interviewer that you’ve done your homework and you’re serious about landing the job.

2. Try Pre-Interview Power Posing (A Business College Secret)

‘Power posing’ is a technique promoted by Amy Cuddy, professor at Harvard Business School. Cuddy’s research reveals that positioning yourself in confident, dominant postures (power posing) before a job interview sets you up for greater success than the usual pre-interview routine of sitting meekly and looking at your phone.

“What we’re finding so far in our ongoing research is that people who sit or stand in high-powered poses for just a couple minutes are evaluated more positively overall, and they’re more likely to get the job,” she explains.

Watch social psychologist Amy Cuddy explain her research on the ‘power pose.’

3. Clean Up Your Online Presence

These days, your digital footprint can tell employers as much as your resume can. Be sure your online presence on networking sites like LinkedIn feature up-to-date facts about your business college education, work experience and contact information.

If you’re interested in becoming a business administration professional, your interviewer may even seek out your Facebook profile to see if it reflects the ‘people skills’ their workplace needs, or if it features evidence of anything that might be potentially damaging to their reputation. Ensure your social media reflects the same professional image you’re hoping to portray in your interview.

4. Have Confidence in Your Business College Credentials

Today’s competitive employment scene means employers can afford to be picky about applicant qualifications – so up-to-date credentials are a must-have. Otherwise you’ll face difficulty making it through the candidate selection process.

Setting these credentials and tools in place beforehand makes you stand out as the candidate to beat.

Job interviews are less intimidating when you’ve got top qualifications under your belt.

Job interviews are less intimidating when you’ve got top qualifications under your belt.

For example, business school can give you hands-on experience with the industry’s leading accounting and bookkeeping tools. Employers see this certification as a seal of approval that you’re job-ready and able to tackle any modern office procedures sent your way.

5. Finish Strong and Follow-Up

For employers, an interview is a test of an applicant’s interest in a position. It’s crucial that applicants demonstrate enthusiasm and engagement throughout. When your interview is finished, shake hands (firmly) with everyone in the room, and thank them for their time.

A follow-up note or email thanking them once more and reminding them of your interest is all it takes to end your interview experience on a high note – and secure your place at the top of the applicant pile.

By pursuing the right training and following the tips listed above, nothing can stop you from landing the secure and fulfilling business job you deserve.

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