[Infographic]: Job Interview Tips for IT School Grads

Job interviews can be quite stressful for most people. This is mainly because they are all about selling yourself and making a good first impression with potential employers. If you’re planning to pursue information technology training, the career services department at a good IT school like Computek College can assist you through the job search and interview process. An important part of this process involves creating a professional resume and portfolio, as well as mastering your job professional interview skills.

Check out this infographic for a few tips that will help you land your dream job once you’ve graduated from a school of business and technology.


Job Interview Tips for IT School Grads


Update your Resume

  • Include projects you worked on during your training
  • Highlight the technical skills you’ve developed
  • Include any tech-related projects you’ve worked on in your free time
  • List the programs and software you’re fluent in

Prepare for your Interview

  • Thoroughly research the company you are interviewing with
  • Rehearse answers to common interview questions
  • Prepare a list of your own questions about the company and the position

Make a Great First Impression

  • ‘Dress for success,’ regardless of the company’s dress code or the position
  • Plan your route to the interview ahead of time and arrive 15 minutes early
  • No matter how nervous you might feel, be polite and courteous to everyone you meet
  • Introduce yourself to everyone in the room with a firm handshake
  • Be mindful of your body language (don’t stare at the floor!)

During the Interview

  • Communicate thoughtful responses to questions instead of one-word answers
  • Describe the responsibilities you had in your school projects
  • Discuss the details of your software knowledge
  • Discuss technical projects you’ve completed in your spare time
  • Demonstrate your willingness to learn in areas you feel you lack technical experience
  • Your personality is just as important as your tech skills, so talk about your interests

After the Interview

  • When the interview is finished, take everyone’s business cards or contact information
  • Don’t forget to send a thank-you email within 24 hours of your interview

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