How Technology Training Expands Your Career Opportunities

Technology Training

In the Canadian business world, technology is definitely the way of the future. In fact, in 2016, you’d be hard-pressed to find any company that doesn’t rely on technology for day-to-day operations in one way or another.

For businesses of all sizes, technology is the backbone of improved communication, efficiency, and mobility. Think about it: thanks to computers, employees are able to communicate with all corners of the globe. Digital filing systems save space, labour, and printing costs, and HR departments are able to find new talent faster than ever by using the internet. With more and more companies becoming connected through the use of technology, now’s a perfect time to enter the IT workforce.

If you’re considering pursuing a technology career, here are a few ways that IT training will expand your opportunities.

Today’s Technology Training also Teaches Business Skills

More than ever, IT professionals work with other departments to meet company objectives

More than ever, IT professionals work with other departments to meet company objectives

In the past, IT professionals worked in their own departments within companies, often separated from other departments, and the only contact they’d have with other employees was the occasional call to the help desk or when a computer needed to be moved.

Today, professionals with technology training are an integral part of the workforce. Several duties of a network analyst, for example, involve working with other departments to determine company software and hardware needs. So on top of learning how to design, plan, install, and configure information systems, you’ll also develop the business communication skills that are necessary for working in multi-disciplined environments and advancing your career.

Technology Training Prepares you for Some of Canada’s Most In-Demand Roles

According to a recent report published by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), Canadian businesses will need 182,000 people to fill IT positions by 2019. Careers in information technology at the top of the list include network analysts and consultants, support technicians, web specialists and more.

One of the main reasons for the huge demand for IT pros over the next five years is that many members of the current workforce are aging and set to retire. In Ontario alone, companies will need to fill 76,300 IT positions by 2019, with the majority (52,700) being in the greater Toronto area.

Better Technology Training Equals Better Jobs

In the technology field, there are continuous job openings on all levels

In the technology field, there are continuous job openings on all levels

A major contributor to many IT professionals’ sense of job satisfaction is that they work in a field where career opportunities never stop presenting themselves. Since technology evolves at such a fast pace, working in IT will challenge you to keep learning throughout your career to ensure that you always stay current – and qualified.

You may choose to start your career providing technical support from a company’s helpdesk. After getting a feel for how a company’s information system is set up, you might qualify for a network admin position and be able to move up in both rank and salary without having to look elsewhere. After years in the field, many network specialists choose to offer their services to several companies at once as a consultant.

However you choose to navigate your career path after graduating from a technology program, the important thing is that you’ll have chosen a field that will allow you to continue to learn and qualify for bigger and better positions as time goes by.

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