How Supportive College Training Gets You Job Ready

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Skilled job vacancies in Canada are expected to reach an all-time high in 2016, particularly in the business, technology, and healthcare fields, where employers are in need of qualified graduates more than ever.

Changing fields can be challenging, but career colleges like Computek offer a supportive training approach that makes pursuing a new career a rewarding experience. If you’re considering enrolling in a college program to launch a more meaningful career, read on to learn how job-focused college training resources can give you the diverse skills you need to succeed.

You’ll get Soft Skills Training in Business, Healthcare & Technology at Computek College

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Soft skills help you become a better team player and will come in handy throughout your career

In multiple Canadian surveys, it was revealed that employers in all fields find that many university graduates lack not only technical expertise but also soft skills such as communication, analysis, and collaboration. One of the ways that Computek prepares you for the job market is by providing knowledge in important computerized office tools as well as courses specifically designed to help you develop these valuable soft skills.

As part of our business college curriculum, for example, we include courses in customer service and business writing to help sharpen your communication skills. Our office procedures course will help you understand general office tasks while working well with the public and as part of a team. Becoming a more well-rounded professional will help you stand out from the pack once you start applying for jobs.

Business, Healthcare & Technology College Programs that Offer Field Placements

Some of Computek’s healthcare programs offer field placements or “practicums”, a beneficial component of the best healthcare colleges. These field placements, a requirement of Computek’s Early Childhood Assistant and Personal Support Worker programs, give students the confidence to smoothly transition to the workplace following graduation while providing the relevant hands-on experience that employers are looking for.

Field placements can be just as important as classroom instruction, because they give you the chance to apply everything you’ve learned in a working environment. You’ll also get to connect with other people in the workforce, which is a great introduction into the culture of your chosen field.

Career Services Department: For all your Job Market Needs

To further support your college training experience, Computek’s career services department offers you individualized career counselling and assistance. We understand that every student’s career goals are different, so we offer one-on-one guidance to help you make yours a reality. Our support services include advice on:

  • Effective job searches by showing you how to access some of the most in-demand job posts in your chosen field.
  • Resume and cover letter writing to really help your strengths stand out and get you noticed by potential employers.
  • Interview skills by preparing you for some of the tougher questions you’ll get asked when interviewing for jobs, and helping you come up with answers that will increase your chances of landing a job you’ll love.

We’ll also help you develop your networking skills so that you can expand your personal and professional network to take advantage of as many career opportunities as possible.

Interested in finding out more about healthcare training or our school of business and technology? Visit Computek for program information, or to speak with an advisor today!


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