Finding Fulfillment as an Early Childcare Assistant

Early Childcare Assistant

Over the past few years, the number of job opportunities for early childcare assistants has increased significantly, due to a large number of private daycare centres opening up, as well as a high number of workers in the field retiring. New regulations have been put in place across Canada that require early childhood centres, schools, and daycares to hire candidates with specific training, so if you’ve been considering earning an early childhood assistant diploma then you’re definitely on the right track.

Let’s take a look at some of the important skills you’ll learn during your training, what a typical day on the job might look like once you find employment, and how Computek College can help you launch a rewarding early childcare assistant career.

Knowledge and Skills Developed by Students in Early Childcare Assistant Training

Many of the activities you'll help develop for kids will combine learning with creative play

Many of the activities you’ll help develop for kids will combine learning with creative play

According to several industry surveys, the most important characteristic you can possess for becoming an early childcare assistant is an enthusiasm and passion for working with children. These characteristics are what will give you the drive to help children learn and overcome obstacles, and early childcare assistant training will provide you with the tools to turn that drive into a meaningful career.

While earning your diploma, you’ll learn all about the physical, mental, and emotional development stages children go through early in life. This understanding will give you the skills to observe and support the growth of children in different age groups, so you’ll qualify to work with infants, toddlers, or preschool-aged kids. Your training will also focus on proper nutrition so that you can prepare tasty snacks or meals designed to keep kids healthy and active, and you’ll also learn how to design indoor and outdoor activities that are educational and fun.

A Day in the Life of Professionals with an ECA Diploma

Greeting children as they arrive will be a rewarding part of your daily routine

Greeting children as they arrive will be a rewarding part of your daily routine

Once you graduate from an ECA diploma program, you’ll qualify to work at private daycares, larger daycare centres, preschools, or even in some kindergarten classrooms. Early childcare assistants work under the supervision of educators, so although your job duties could change depending on the day, they’ll typically look like this:

Morning: You’ll greet children and their parents as they arrive for the day and help kids hang their jackets, etc. You may help serve breakfast and clean up while the educator prepares the activities for the day.

Pre-Lunch: You might do some administrative work like checking homework or helping design activities, depending on the age range of the kids you work with.

Lunch Break: You’ll help supervise the kids while they eat, and you may monitor them afterwards while they play. Most places offer a nap time after lunch, so you may help set up cots or a nap area for when the kids come back.

Afternoon: When learning activities resume, you’ll be monitoring behaviour or working with kids in small groups to assist them with arts and crafts or other activities. You might prepare afternoon snacks, and will help kids get ready to either be picked up by their parents or to board a school bus.

How can Computek College Help you Succeed?

Hands-on experience is a valuable part of starting your career off on the right foot. For that reason, Computek offers field placement opportunities where ECA students work under the guidance of early childcare professionals. Not only will you graduate with workable knowledge and skills related to the field of early childhood education, but you’ll have the experience employers look for.

We also offer career services, designed to teach you how to write a resume that’s specifically catered to the early childhood education field, and to practice and sharpen your job interview skills. With this combination, you’ll enter the job market with confidence and experience which will help you land a job you’ll love.

Are you looking for a comprehensive ECA training program in Ontario? Visit Computek College to check out our early childcare assistant courses, and to send us any questions you may have.

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