Developing Your Software Knowledge with Computerized Accounting Training

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Although some companies continue to do their financial bookkeeping manually, computerized accounting offers a way to manage more transactions with improved speed, accuracy and flexibility. No matter which type of business you are working for, computerized accounting systems enable you to set up numerous income or expense accounts, such as sales revenue, salaries, advertising expenses and many more without having to pile up paperwork or use a filing cabinet.

There’s been a solid growth rate in accounting job openings in recent years, and software training is one of the key skills that employers are looking for in new hires. When you start to look at computerized accounting software, you’ll realize that there are a lot of options out there – each one with its own set of features and benefits. If you’re considering pursuing computerized accounting training, let’s take a closer look at how these courses will develop your software skills, and some of the accounting programs you’ll learn before you graduate.

Basic Software Skills Required for Today’s Computerized Accounting Jobs

Creating computerized spreadsheets is a common task in any accounting role

Creating computerized spreadsheets is a common task in any accounting role

Whether you choose to pursue a career as an accounts manager, payroll administrator, or any other role you’ll qualify for once you graduate, some of the main duties you’ll have in any computerized accounting position will be to prepare reports and spreadsheets. Part of your training will help you to become proficient in word-processing and spreadsheet software for these tasks.

Once you get a good grasp of MS Excel, you’ll be able to create spreadsheets that show month-to-month revenue growth, budget expenditures, and all kinds of other important financial data. The more comfortable you get with MS Excel, the easier it will be for you to create detailed spreadsheets. After a while, you can even produce more advanced formulas that automate recurring functions or calculate future monthly or annual projections for reporting and budgeting purposes.

MS Word is essential software for word processing tasks such as writing condensed reports for management, or preparing letters or memos to vendors, customers, or other departments. Basic knowledge of MS Word will help you with your daily communications in a big way, and can make consolidating information from several software programs onto one page far easier and more effective.

Using QuickBooks in your Computerized Accounting Career

QuickBooks is a versatile software used in accountant training that’s designed to be easy to use. Some key advantages of using this software for your accounting tasks is that it’s customizable and integrates fluidly with other software.

QuickBooks is full of customization options that will allow you to fine-tune the layout and appearance of the software on your computer to a style you’re most comfortable with. It’s full of ready-to-use templates such as invoices, charts and other documents so that you don’t have to spend hours coming up with designs. The ability to smoothly integrate with other programs makes QuickBooks a favourite of many accounting departments. You’ll be able to import spreadsheets from Excel if you need to produce a quarterly report and even export income, expense or other data from QuickBooks into your favourite tax prep program with the click of a button during tax season.

The Advantages of Simply Accounting

Simply Accounting can be accessed from tablets, smartphones, or any other mobile device

Simply Accounting can be accessed from tablets, smartphones, or any other mobile device

Simply Accounting is another accounting software that’s popular for its simplicity and useful for a number of accounting, banking and billing tasks. The layout of this software makes entering financial data a straightforward process, with several presentation options to choose from. Simply Accounting offers an inventory management function, which can be helpful if you end up working for a business that keeps any kind of stock in-house.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using Simply Accounting in your career is that the software has advanced mobility options. It has integrated bank feeds so that you won’t have to update the system every time you make a payment or deposit at the bank, and you’ll also be able to access it from any mobile device.

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