Career Paths to Explore for Business College Graduates

Business College Graduate
Knowing a little more about which career paths are open to you once you graduate can make the process of choosing a program much easier. As you learn what’s out there, you can picture yourself in different roles and decide which one would be the right fit for you.

Business administration training will teach you the fundamentals of business so that you can thrive in any office environment.

One of the advantages of earning a business administration diploma is that the specialized knowledge and skills you’ll develop while training will qualify you for a wide range of positions in today’s workforce. Let’s take a look at a just a few of the options available to professionals with business admin training.

Business College will Qualify you for a Career in Accounting

Business administration courses provide you with the fundamentals of accounting training so you can take on bookkeeping jobs for companies or become a payroll assistant. You will learn the most important accounting software demanded by businesses today, including programs like Quick Books and Simply Accounting, which will qualify you for diverse employment opportunities.

Working for an organization’s financial department in an accounting role means you’ll have such job duties as processing invoices, updating and filing financial records, and coordinating deposit activities with banks.

With experience, you could work your way up to accounting and payroll positions where you’ll have such responsibilities as creating financial forecasts, collecting information to prepare and distribute employee payroll checks, and preparing tax documents. If you’re interested in this career path, you could pursue work within a company’s accounting department, or for a firm that handles the accounting for multiple clients.

With a Business Administration Diploma you can Launch a Career as an Office Assistant

Office assistants play an important role, because they act as the jack-of-all-trades within an organization. In this role, you’d handle a variety of tasks – from greeting customers to making sure that there’s enough office supplies to go around. It’s an exciting career option because you’ll have the chance to work with people in every department within a company. Office assistants keep business operations running smoothly by performing various duties such as database management, forwarding phone calls and emails, and confirming customer orders.

An office assistant career can open doors to other positions, like office manager. Office managers perform several administrative tasks, and can also be responsible for handling certain budget, employee scheduling, and payroll duties.

Landing a Job as an Executive Assistant after Business School


Executive assistants handle important administrative tasks to keep operations running smoothly

Executive assistants handle important administrative tasks to keep operations running smoothly

In the corporate world, business executives need specialized support in order to keep up with their daily tasks, and for that they employ the service of executive assistants. In this rewarding role, you’d act as the right hand to upper management business professionals. Some of your job duties could be generating reports, organizing the executive’s weekly meeting schedule, and making their travel arrangements.

Earning your business administration diploma will provide you the necessary business writing and word processing skills needed for this role, as you’ll sometimes handle correspondence for your executive employer. This could involve writing emails and company memos that communicate valuable information to other staff members within the organization.

These career paths are only a fraction of the roles you’d qualify for after completing business admin training. The courses are taught by instructors with years of experience in different fields, so by the time you graduate, you’ll have the flexibility to apply your training to the type of industry that interests you most.

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