A Day in the Life of a Personal Support Worker

Personal Support Worker

Personal support workers (or PSWs) have the important task of helping vulnerable members of their communities thrive. These community members need the skilled, specialized assistance only PSWs can provide – from mobility support to meal preparation, medication distribution and beyond.

If you want to make a real difference in the lives of others, a career in personal support work might be a great fit for you. Every single day, you’ll be making a meaningful difference in the lives of people who need you most.

To help you imagine what this career may look like for you, read about a day in the life of a typical PSW.

A Bright and Early Start to the Personal Support Worker’s Day

52 year old PSW Cidalia begins her average workday with her first client appointment, at 7am. She needs to start her own workday early so she can attend to her clients’ early morning needs.

“I usually leave home at 6 in the morning,” she explains, “to make sure I get their day going right.”

In the early morning, PSWs like Cidalia are responsible for:

  • Taking clients to the bathroom (assisting with teeth/denture-cleaning, etc.)
  • Helping clients get dressed
  • Providing any other support a client may need, like administering meals or medication

Once you’ve earned your diploma, you’ll be eligible for work in individual clients’ homes like Cidalia, or in seniors’ homes or long-term care facilities. Every morning, you’ll provide the helping hands and friendly smile that get clients’ days off to a good start.

Meeting Clients for One-on-One, Customized Personal Support Work

“I travel to and from people’s homes all day,” says Cidalia. “My clients are often scattered all over the city, so I go back and forth.”

With Canada’s baby boomers now reaching their golden years, there’s no shortage of clients for those with up-to-date PSW training. This means job-security for PSWs, and workdays full of diverse, meaningful interactions.

A personal support worker ensures her client gets the correct dosages of medication.

A personal support worker ensures her client gets the correct dosages of medication.

Graduates of any good personal support worker program learn how to consistently demonstrate the utmost sensitivity and respect for each and every client in your care. If you’re a caring person, you’ll find that this important aspect of a PSW career will come easily to you.

Leaving Each Client (and their Family) in Excellent Condition

Personal support worker training not only prepares you to help individual clients, but their families as well. Visits from a PSW improves the day of each client, giving those clients’ families and friends much needed peace of mind.

“We all work full time or go to school, so no one’s home during the day,” explains Melissa, whose grandmother relies on PSWs. “They give us even that much more security in knowing that she’s in good hands.”

“They bring such comfort for us as a family,” agrees Kimberly, whose son Ilish uses PSWs to help him manage his physical disabilities. She says PSWs help her son become more independent with each passing visit.

Earning Fulfillment and Recognition from Personal Support Worker Training

As you’ll learn when you enter the PSW field, there is nothing more rewarding than helping others achieve their best quality of life. And clients are often quick to provide you with appreciative feedback.

“I have really close relationships to all my PSWs and attendants, because they’re helping me do a whole variety of things,” says Ilish. “They become my friends.”

His main PSW is Juliette, who’s been working in the field for 12 years. She says clients like Ilish make every day worthwhile.

“I really enjoy my job,” says Juliette. “Sometimes I leave the house and I’m still smiling because of what they’ve said or what they’ve done. I think – oh, I’ve done something okay today.”

Many senior clients aren’t shy about sharing their appreciation for personal support workers.

Many senior clients aren’t shy about sharing their appreciation for personal support workers.

With the right training, skills, and a compassionate attitude, you could make this fulfilling work a rewarding career – spreading health, safety, wellness, and positivity throughout your own community.

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