3 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Pursue IT at Computek College in Toronto

There couldn't be a better time to enroll at IT college in Toronto

In an uncertain employment climate, it makes sense to go with what people can’t do without, and in today’s society that would certainly include computer technology. Job postings in Canada were down about 20% overall in 2015 from the previous year but there were notable industry exceptions. Web Designers, Network Engineers, and other IT professionals continue to be in high demand in Toronto and throughout the continent.

As more companies upgrade their technologies, align their networks to meet business compliance standards, and strive to protect themselves against cyber risk, information technology (IT) graduates are sought after—a trend that is likely to continue for some time. Modis projects a 22% jump in tech jobs by 2022 in various IT fields that feature solid job security and excellent compensation.

Here are three of the top reasons why now is the best time to pursue IT training at Computek College in Toronto.

1. Demand is Sky High for Grads with Computer Networking Training

Students completing their network engineering training at Computek College learn how to design, configure, install, troubleshoot, and maintain a network infrastructure for organizations, acquiring the valuable knowledge that prepares them for industry standard certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco.

A recent survey of IT executives from CompTIA showed that organizations overwhelmingly want to hire more IT professionals this year but 54% expect having a tough time finding enough qualified candidates. Almost half of companies surveyed reported being understaffed in the IT department and even those that are fully staffed want more IT workers to support business growth.

With sky high demand, it is a happy time to be an IT grad

With sky high demand, it is a happy time to be an IT grad

Another IT labour market report projects that Canada needs 182,000 people to fill positions for information systems analysts and consultants, computer and network operators, web technicians, software engineers, and others by 2019. The major technology talent shortage is a result of demand-supply imbalances, an aging workforce, and a skills mismatch. Cumulative hiring requirements are expected to be over 52,700 in the Toronto area alone.

2. IT Opens Doors to Diverse Employment Opportunities

Since computer networks are essential for nearly every industry, training from an IT college can lay the foundations for rewarding employment in whichever field that interests you. Healthcare is one industry with a particularly high demand for networking experts but less expected opportunities may also lie in building technological infrastructure in non-governmental agencies or developing countries around the world.

IT training opens doors to numerous career options with ideal conditions

IT training opens doors to numerous career options with ideal conditions

With appropriate experience and a little entrepreneurial spirit, IT professionals may be in a position to work from home with flexible hours and comfortable working conditions. Companies are willing to pay a consultation fee to these individuals with desired expertise.

3. Career Development Doesn’t Stop after IT College

Network engineering or integrated application development is a career path that is continuously evolving. Each day brings new challenges to test your analytical skills and opportunities to learn about emerging developments in the field. As your technical skills accumulate with further experience, you will be able to expand your network engineering training and career development in a wide variety of potential IT positions.

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