3 Accounting Programs You’ll Master at Computek College

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Accurate bookkeeping and transparency of financial operations are essential for running a successful business. Those are just a few reasons why almost all companies use computerized accounting systems these days. With increasingly complex and competitive business operations, accounting software ensures optimal accuracy, automation, reliability, scalability, security, speed, and cost effectiveness.

That’s why accounting departments are primarily seeking graduates from Computerized Accounting courses who are familiar with the most common software and spreadsheet programs. These programs make it simple to analyze a company’s current state of financial affairs and retrieve past statements at a moment’s notice. They also allow professionals to automate recurring processes to vastly improve efficiency, and view financial data visually in various formats, such as charts or graphs.

Which software programs will you be learning in your Computerized Accounting course? Read on to find out!

1. Master Microsoft Word and Excel in Accounting at Computek College

Since accounting professionals need a basic understanding of fundamental computer programs that are used in nearly all offices, students learn their way around operating systems and essential procedures in the Microsoft (MS) Office software. Although some might think that accountants only need to deal with crunching numbers, word processing software like MS Word can be necessary to communicate consolidated and organized information to management. MS Word can be used to produce reports or for letters to vendors, clients, or management.

Accounting and spreadsheet software enables data to be viewed in chart form

Accounting and spreadsheet software enables data to be viewed in chart form

Spreadsheets were once the foundation of computerized accounting but have now largely been displaced by specialized accounting software. Still, spreadsheet software like MS Excel is a commonplace in most office environments for organizing and analyzing data, offering versatile ways to make linked tables, automatic calculations, and create graphs. Specialized accounting software can export or import data to or from Excel and some offices still use the program for their daily accounting functions.

2. QuickBooks is the Most Popular Software in Computerized Accounting

Computerized accounting software automatically updates sales and purchasing accounts, payroll and associated entries, and inventory records. It can be integrated with a business database, make payments to suppliers, reconcile to banking accounts, and provide numerous instant reports for management. Among the many dedicated accounting programs available today, QuickBooks is often chosen for its user-friendliness, advanced features, and bank-level security. That’s why it’s an important part of accounting training.

QuickBooks also has a newer online version that enables businesses large and small to intuitively track expenses online, synchronize with bank information, and send professional quality invoices. By being cloud-based with remote access capabilities, businesses can handle all transactions online and easily manage end-of-year tax preparations.

3. Simply Accounting is a Valuable Part of Accounting Training

Simply Accounting is another popular program that students will learn in their Computerized Accounting course. Similar to QuickBooks, it’s a straightforward layout, various presentation options, and inventory management functions make it a commonly used software in offices throughout Canada. It is perhaps most popular for its advanced mobility functions that enable instantaneous synchronization with banks and remote access to authorized personnel.

Programs like Simply Accounting help to make common accounting tasks more efficient

Programs like Simply Accounting help to make common accounting tasks more efficient

Students learn these specialized accounting programs as well as word processing, spreadsheet, internet navigation and Outlook communication software as they prepare for a rewarding career in accounting.

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