July 2016

3 Accounting Programs You’ll Master at Computek College

Accurate bookkeeping and transparency of financial operations are essential for running a successful business. Those are just a few reasons why almost all companies use computerized accounting systems these days…. Read More

3 Reasons Why ECA Training Teaches Classroom Observation Skills

For young children, education is more about learning through exploration than direct teaching. The classroom or daycare facility is a place where children should feel comfortable experimenting with various toys… Read More

Payroll Training Career Spotlight: Become a Pay and Benefits Clerk

Successful companies ensure that their employees are well treated, fairly compensated, and have appropriate resources for understanding benefits and employee services. These priorities spring from a company’s top leadership but… Read More

3 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Pursue IT at Computek College in Toronto

In an uncertain employment climate, it makes sense to go with what people can’t do without, and in today’s society that would certainly include computer technology. Job postings in Canada… Read More

5 In-Demand Career Paths for Personal Support Worker Training Grads

If you value the personal connection made from helping someone in need, there are few more rewarding careers you could pursue than that of a Personal Support Worker (PSW). These… Read More

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