April 2016

3 Habits of Successful Business College Students

A good business college not only provides its students with job-ready skills training, but it also serves as a platform where they can practice successful habits that will carry through… Read More

Computek Celebrates 25 years with a Silver Jubilee Open House Gala

Computek College cordially invites you to celebrate 25 years of success at our Silver Jubilee Open House Gala this Saturday, April 23rd. The event will take place at our new… Read More

A Brief Guide to General Ledgers for Students in Accounting Training

Professionals with accounting training typically use a ledger to record all of the activity and transactions that occur within a business. A ledger is similar to a financial journal, as… Read More

Specialized Healthcare Training in a Medical Office Administration Program

Canada’s healthcare industry is constantly growing, and hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices have developed an increased need for trained professionals who can help manage their operations. Medical office administrators have… Read More

Working in a Nursing Home After Earning a Personal Support Worker Diploma

Personal support workers (PSWs) have a unique role in the Canadian healthcare system, offering patients, residents or clients both clinical care and assisted living services. Although a PSW’s job description… Read More

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